Do Left-Handed People Have Better Memories?

Some research suggests that lefties may be better than righties at certain memory tasks. This experiment will evaluate this premise by asking left-handed and right-handed test subjects to perform several memory tests.

Do left-handed people have better memories than right-handed people?


  • Approximately 40 test subjects (10 female lefties, 10 male lefties, 10 female righties, and 10 male righties)
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Notebook for analyzing results
  • Create several memory tests to give participants. Example tests include the following:
  • Read a list of 25 items. After 10 minutes, ask participants to write down as many of these items as they can remember.
  • Show a picture containing many items. Allow participants to study it for 1 minute. After an hour, ask test subjects to list items that they observed in the picture.
  • Ask test subjects to describe the weather from each day over the past week.
  • Ask left-handed and right-handed test subjects to take your memory tests. Record the results from each test.
  • Analyze the results from each test. Overall, which group performed best on the memory tests? Is there a specific test where one group outperformed the other?

Example: If the left-handed group specifically outperformed the right-handed group on the test where they are asked to describe the weather from each day over the past week, then you could conclude that left-handed people might have better long term memories.

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I am left footed, but right handed. Is this unusual?

Notes and QueriesTHE BODY BEAUTIFULI am left footed, but right handed. Is this unusual?

Jon Cole, London

  • Not sure how unusual your ‘condition’ is, but both my mother and late father are/were differently handed for writing and eating, whilst myself and my brother are ‘normal’.Jonathan, Lancaster
  • When my left-handed son was small he seemed a little uncoordinated and was tested for handedness and dominant eye, as preferences can apparently differ. The tests were to kick footballs or stand on one leg with his eyes shut. It think the conclusion was that he had not decided yet!Vivienne , London, UK
  • I write, throw, play tennis and bowl left handed but bat, golf and use scissors right handed. I think I am virtually ambipedal. Am I just messed up?Robin, Dunfermline
  • Not really. I am right handed and right footed but left eyed. My son is right handed when writing but left handed when using a knife and fork and equally proficient with either foot.Alec Jameson, Hong Kong
  • A right-handed person typically has a better grasp on objects when lifting them with that hand. Having something heavy in one’s right hand necessitates putting more weight on the left leg for basic balance. When a righty addresses the various tasks of life it’s often the case that activating the stronger hand coincides with giving the left foot more work to do which over time may create a sense of being left-footed.Steve, Kansas City, Missouri, US
  • I think most males could lay claim to having two left feet when it comes to dancing…Kevin Hannan, Leeds, UK
  • I’m also left footed and right handed. I often wonder if I was encouraged to use my right hand to write as a kid – however this was the 1970’s so i doubt it was forced as it used to be. I do most activities with the right hand (except throwing a frisbee which is always left handed for some reason). I naturally use my left “peg” for kicking but since my teens made a conscious effort to use my right foot too in order to improve my game. I think they call being left footed but right handed (or vice-versa) being “cross-lateral” and it is quite unusual but not mega rare.Rob Sawyer, Handforth UK
  • My 4 year old daughter is right handed & left footed. I was mentioning this to someone & they said it is a sign of intelligence as it means you can use both sides of the brain at once. I don’t know if this is true or not (this is why I am searching for an answer) Is this true?Sarah, Wakefield, Engand
  • I am so glad I found this site. I am left footed and right handed. I thought I was alone in this but I guess its by design and though I am part of a rare few, I am still normal.Robert, Lilongwe, Malawi
  • I have no left hand from birth, but am left footed, left eyed and can only ‘curl’ my left upper lip. My hand writing is terrible too! I often wonder if I might be left handed! Is this possible?Gary, Plymouth UK
  • I’m definitely left footed and right handed. I can kick football/rugby ball ok with my right, but I’m much better with my left. I do everything with my right hand and seldom use my left.Matt, Chichester, UK
  • Great to stumble on to this site. I’m right-handed but left-footed and left-eyed. You often hear percentages regarding left-handedness but not the others. Once you are an adult (at least in the States), foot preference means little but as a youth I recall many left-handers but I was the only left-footer. I always assumed that soccer oriented countries would be more in tune to that sort of thing.Glenn, Boston, USA
  • No, you are fine. I’m the same as you – left footed and right handed. In basketball and writing I’m righty, but when I started playing soccer I was always better lefty. It’s a matter using what is most comfortable.Tony Boyd, Harlem, US
  • I Am 40 years old and have always been right handed and left footed. When i was younger I had a great left foot when playing football. However now I am older and play golf it seems this is a handicap to me, as i stand and play golf as a right hander would,(that’s normal, you may think) but i have to hold the club with my left hand lower than the right on the grip, as a left hander would. This impedes my swing. Any ideas why i do this?Alan, Newcastle, UK
  • I’m left footed, right handed and often get mixed up on left and right when giving or taking directions. I recently met a man who’s writing a book on this – he seemed quite fascinated by the whole subject and I’m very interested now.Dave Cook, Skipton, UK
  • Ever thought that some of you might be “left-sided”? I’m right-handed but seem to favor a left-sided repose (sleeping/sitting), left-footed lead, left-handed clap, left-handed clasp (left thumb over right), left-kneed kneel, left-toothed chew … to name a few. And, speaking of names, does this sinister “malady” have one–common or scientific?Desertwit , USA
  • Very interesting read. I myself write, kick, throw, bowl all lefthanded yet play golf, bat at cricket righthanded. I play tennis with both hands with my stronger forehand surprisingly being my right.Alan James, Essex
  • I think I must be an extremely rare case as I am left handed, left footed and left eyed. I play golf left handed, pitch left handed and play a left handed guitar. I also kick with my left foot and skateboard goofy style.Anthony Bapt, London, UK
  • Well I’m 15 and I am right handed and left footed also or “cross lateral”. But I was curious why I was like this so I did a little bit of searching and found it here. But it’s weird ’cause I only know one other person like me till this very day. But I do a lot of things left handed but I write right handed and throw a ball right handed as well but I kick a ball left footed. But to people who aren’t it’s pretty cool being cross lateral.Derek Hodge, Montgomery, TX, USA
  • Well this isn’t an answer, but neither are most of the comments! Just to add, I am right handed, left footed and am intrigued about the effects. Like one other commentator I found it virtually impossible to learn left from right when I was at school. Interestingly my twin nieces (11) are mirror images of each other – one is left handed and right footed and the other is right handed and left footed. They are identical twins and completely different in personality and interests. Could there be anything genetic here or is it just a coincidence?Val Alker, Liverpool
  • I throw and kick left but write and play guitar right-handed. Left seems to be for power while right is for more intricate tasks.Jay Wilson, Austin, Texas, USA
  • I have to agree with the last comment in that left seems to be for power and right for intricate tasks. I write righty but carry heavy items lefty. Kick football lefty but dribbles righty I can accurately pass righty but can only fire lefty. Odd but awesome I’d say. Thanks to whoever thought of this threadMaxime A., Boston USA
  • right-handed but left-footed and left-eyed. its kinda weird when boxing.E, CA USA
  • I eat and play sports left handed but write right handed.Sofia, Santiago. Chile
  • I am right handed and left footed, and up until now I thought I was the only one. But i researched it online and turns out it turns up a lot in my family, but only in guys. Does anyone know if it is hereditary?Connor, Boston USA
  • I too am left footed, but right handed. Eat with left, left eyed, these factors have only been brought to my attention, when I noticed my son(2)at the time, consistently preferred handling his pencil/brush with his left hand. I learnt later, I was one of the left handed, forced to write with my right as a youngster!Jide, Zurich Switzerland
  • Interesting page, thank you for ‘some’ answers!! I am a right handed writer and darts thrower, but a left footer. Other activities i don’t do as often, play pool, cards, shoot an air rifle, try and strum a guitar (!?!?) are all left…..i’m glad i’m not the only one!abbi, torrington devon
  • I am right handed left footed, I have never met some one like me yet, I once asked my lecturer who taught anatomy and physiology, and told me it didn’t make any sense, another said it was a sign of intelligence, because you are able to combine both sides of the brain while thinking, which means you can be good at almost anything if you concentrate on it, but the problem with people like us, it is hard to concentrate on something for a long time, we will always choose to do different things and change interest fast, which means we can hardly achieve things.. do you guys agree with me?Saif, Sydney Australia
  • interesting comments online. Nice to hear from others on the subject. I am right handed and left footed. I find recently I am doing more with my left hand, such as holding a glass etc. someone made a comment on heredity and my father is also right handed and left footed. look forward to hearing more comments. thanks PPablo, Canada
  • I am left footed and let handed but I eat with my right hand and write with both hands (it is true). I do other every thing with left.Adil Mohd, Abu Dhabi UAE
  • I am ambidextrous and this is considered very strange almost evil in Kenya. They think I’m some weirdo. My mom has always scolded me for using my left hand a lot but if you’ve got the ability use it to the full. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll always have some edge over ‘single handers’ B-)Michael, Nairobi Kenya
  • My 5 yo son writes and eats with his left hand, but holds a tennis racquet and kicks a ball on his right side. It seems to be mostly men answering this question. Have you all turned out okay?Laura, UK
  • I found I am left handed in striking in Martial arts. My Kung Fu instructor told me that if I am left handed than kicking with my right foot is better because my stance on my left foot is much more stable.Bruce, Vancouver Canada
  • I’m right handed and left footed. I find it very confusing when I’m watching an exercise video, because I can never tell if I’m doing the same the as the person on the screen, or the mirror opposite. I can even write with my left foot, even though I can’t write with my left hand!Sandra, Newbury England
  • Hi, I’m righthanded and left footed. Anything I do one handed, such as tennis or writing, I do righthanded, although I can only write in block capitals! If it requires both hands I do it left handed, such as golf or cricket. However, in the last few years, I’ve been putting and chipping right handed in golf because it ‘feels’ so much more comfortable and It works better. My strong eye is my left eye. Go figure, cos I can’t!!James, Dublin Ireland
  • I’m right handed, left legged, right eyed. At school, I jumped from the left for the high jump. I have created topiary spirals and have noticed that the spirals are from top left to right, when all the pictures I’ve seen of tree spirals are from top right to left. I put a line through an O for a zero, from top left to right, not like right handers, top right to left. I wish I knew why.Elaine, London England
  • I’m also left footed and right handed. As a martial artist I have found ths very helpful in having a strong attack on both sides!!Matt, Stevenage UK
  • I use my right hand and my left foot and i have never see someone like me guess it is unusuallemin, nktt mauritania
  • I am also left footed and right handed.Raj, Austin United
  • People who perform certain things exclusively with one hand/foot and other things exclusively with the other hand/foot are known as being schizodextrous. I belong to that club!Tom, Solihull, UK

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