How Dog Laser Therapy at Arfit Enhances Canine Health

Dog Laser Therapy

In the realm of canine wellness, innovative approaches take center stage, and at Arfit Dog Rehab & Fitness, we’re proud to shine a light on a cutting-edge solution – Dog Laser Therapy. More than just a treatment, laser therapy is a beacon of hope for enhancing canine health, and this blog explores the transformative impact … Read more

Elevate Your Performance: The Role Of A Sports Injury Chiropractor

Sports Injury Chiropractor

The quest for success in athletics sometimes comes with a fair share of difficulties. Pushing your boundaries may result in impressive achievements and unforeseen failures, whether you’re a professional athlete or a committed fan. Sports injuries are a regular travel companion, but they don’t have to be a hindrance. In this guest post, a sports … Read more

Gay Adult Sites Gay Sites

The favourite web-sites are weak for many who like additional excessive video lessons containing hard core gay sexual activity, so we’ve divided a selection with the best of this fashion. Can you just imagine how challenging lifestyle was for gays with no internet? ! The problem extended involving trying to hide your needs and getting … Read more

The Effects of an American Diet on Health

Author: Courtney Walker Though the potential for weight gain and cardiovascular disease are commonly known results of an unhealthy diet, the general public often does not realize that their diet can also adversely affect other aspects of health—even mental health. Additionally, the extent to which the American diet affects society as a whole brings this … Read more

Obesity can impact a child’s long term health

CLEVELAND, OH (CLEVELAND CLINIC) – September is National Childhood Obesity Month. According to the CDC, obesity affects one in five children and adolescents here in the United States. Doctors say rates of obesity have continued to rise over the last few decades. Some contributing factors may be due to lifestyle, environment, and genetics. It’s important … Read more

Obesity News

Aug. 17, 2023 — New research shows that intermittent fasting and calorie restriction change the microbiome composition in the gut, which could affect other functions in the … Aug. 15, 2023 — A popular weight loss medication may prevent up to 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes over 10 years, and could result in 43 … Read more

You Shouldn’t Have to Take Care of Your Aging Parents on Your Own

Congress has the tools to ease the pressure. Another piece of Mr. Biden’s caregiving proposal would increase the amount of Medicaid funding going toward improving the access to and affordability of home- and community-based care. There are also legislative proposals to provide family caregivers with tax credits for their caregiving expenses and Social Security credits … Read more

Senior living: Biden Administration proposes new standards to boost nursing home staffing

By Jordan Rau, KFF Health News The nation’s most thinly staffed nursing homes would be required to hire more workers under new rules proposed earlier this month by the Biden administration, the greatest change to federal nursing home regulations in three decades. The proposed standard was prompted by the industry’s troubled performance earlier in the … Read more

Why new laws won’t fix the nursing shortage

We all know nurses are burned out. They’re working long hours under strenuous conditions for low pay. And then there were the extremely stressful months of the pandemic, during which nurses often bore the brunt of a terrified public and an overtaxed health care system pushed to the brink. Understandably, many nurses are just plain … Read more

COVID-19 in healthcare workers

COVID-19, a respiratory virus, often begins in viruses trapped in our nose and upper respiratory tracts. While universal precautions in healthcare settings require frequent handwashing, enforcing that requirement is lax, and compliance is often low. A new study reports on rhinotillexis, the act of “extracting nasal mucus with one’s finger,” and subsequent mucophagy, the ingestion … Read more